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Re: NFC: ilyodon furcidens

-> This brings up something I would like to ask myself.  Could we please 
-> post the common names of fishes as well?  You see, I have so much to 
-> learn as it is now with school and all, I don't have time to look up 
-> these names, and I don't have them memorized.  I'm not griping or 
-> anything (lest Josh, the oh grand, imperious, magnanimous list 
-> stomper try to get me...he he he)  just asking for people to adjust 
-> to my stupidity.  (no comments please...it's all been said already)

-> Luke
   TSK TSK TSK, and you are a biology major! I don't know if that
Goodeid has a common name!!!!  Ya really should get used to using both
because common names vary according to where you live, like sunfish are
bream elsewhere. I do have a book on livebearers that may mention it,
though it is in German ...... how about
Schwarzgefleketelebendgebaerendekarpfhechtling .... how is that for a
common name :) ok so I made that up .... but in German it could happen,
I like the scientific name much better.