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Re: NFC: ilyodon furcidens

This brings up something I would like to ask myself.  Could we please post
the common names of fishes as well?  You see, I have so much to learn as
it is now with school and all, I don't have time to look up these names,
and I don't have them memorized.  I'm not griping or anything (lest Josh,
the oh grand, imperious, magnanimous list stomper try to get me...he he
he)  just asking for people to adjust to my stupidity.  (no comments
please...it's all been said already)


On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Anderson, Ron wrote:

> Hey fishheads,   I am looking for info on this fish.  I picked up a breeding 
> colony of these, and I am searching for any and all info I can get.  It is 
> sorely lacking on the web.  I know its a mexican goodied livebearer, but 
> thats all I know. Is this fish endangered?  Its dorsal is set way back, and 
> the tail is kind of large, so I'm figuring it comes from streams? Thanks a 
> million,  Ron