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Re: NFC: American Flagfish, Jordenella floridae

Seems like the first thing that would happen is that the angelfish will 
eat the neons and the ottos (angels are well known to snack on smaller 
fish, especially neon tetras, once the angels get big enough to do so), 
followed by the flagfish nipping the fins of the angelfish. Also, keep 
in mind that flagfish like hard, alkaline water which the ottos, neons 
and angels may not do well, unless they are being kept in similar water, 
as they normally prefer soft, acidic water, but individuals may have 
been acclimated to other water conditions.

Suggest that if the fish are compatible with hard, alkaline water, your 
best bet may be to put an in-tank divider in the 90g and have flagfish 
on one side and the angels on the other. Probably the neons and ottos 
would do better with the flagfish, which are primarily herbivorous, so 
expect to provide supplemental plant foods and algae to help keep them 
in top condition.  Flagfish which lack sufficient plant foods are 
greatly reduced in color - I have some at home that get regular feeds of  
algae and soft plants (PS: they eat duckweed !!!!) and they are 
absolutely gorgeous.  The specimens I see in pet store tanks are quite 
pale in comparison.

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>Need / Want info
>Reference;  American Flagfish, Jordenella floridae - Compatibility
>What are the possible consequences of keeping two to three, American
>Flagfish, Jordenella floridae in a 90 gallon with 2 pair of Kribs, 4
>Ottos, 3 Neons, two large (41/2" body dia) Angel fish ?
>Ghemsath at alascom_att.com <mailto:Ghemsath at alascom_att.com> 

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