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Re: NFC: American Flagfish, Jordenella floridae

Hemsath, Gay wrote:

> Ray
> You talk about their spawning in dense weeds
> How about Java moss
> In most of my tanks I have about 4" to 8" of Java moss covering the
> entire bottom of the tank
> Gay
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>         I would agree that flagfish are good candidates for a
> community
> tank.  Make
>         sure they get plenty of green food, algae, tiny duckweed, etc.
> In a larger
>         tank they school loosely and ingnore other fish.  Spawning in
> dense weeds
>         you may be rewarded with babies that escape being eaten by the
> other fish.
>         Another thing is you can through a "mop" in the tank and check
> it.  I have
>         many killifish, even in communtiy set-ups that used the mop,
> even though
>         ther were plants and gravel available to spawn in,  If any one
> is
>         interested I have one male and 5 females that I'd be willing
> to
> part with,
>         in excahnge for elassomas, enneacathus, or fundulus species.
>         Ray
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  I spawn my Jordenella Floridae in a ten gallon tank with a gravel
bottom and a large
clump of Nijas they like the combination the nijas gives them a sense of
security and with
the gravel the male retains his color. They're voracious eaters they
consume everything
from flake food to earthworms.
In the summers I put 3 pair in a 160 gallon pond and pull 90 -100 fry
out in the fall.
Right now I have the 7th generation sitting  in my basement waiting to
go out this spring.
I live in the Chicago area and generally don't pull the fry out until
late November so they're very temperature  tolerant.
Ken mysliwiec