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Re: NFC: Announcement

I will be thrilled to shutdown the listbot lists.....Lets forward the
note and how to join to the lists and I'll shut em down in 30 days or
so...I'll restart any new lists in the future on listbot then we can
transfer em over if they prove viable BTW the NFC ponds list should be up
soon on the website......

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 12:39:15 -0500 (EST) Joshua L Wiegert
<joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu> writes:
>And you thought I had an inordinately long signature before?  Welp, 
>about to have to quadruple it! :) 
>This morning a whole lotta new NFC lists were created.  Heres an 
>serious synopsis.
>  A list for discussing all dem perty little minners and bait fish.
>  A list for me to try to pick up wome--ERM! A list for those trying 
>breed native fish.
>  A list for discussing those big mouthed critters, like Luke, Pike, 
>catfish, and so forth. 
>   A list for the Fish Wish List, Auctions, what have you.  
>   A list where no fancy drinks, dancing, or so on are allowed.  Also, 
>discussing ERP, etc.
>   Ok, I'm stumped.. can't come up with anything silly to up here. A 
>for discussion of sunnies.
>Have fun with them.  You can subscribe anytime, same gruesome details
>apply to them as the NFC list.  They don't have a digest.  NFC-Dig.
>members will have to subscribe to the lists.  Hopefully, they'll be 
>Look forward to also seeing "Benthics," a list for discussin of 
>Expect the lists to be a little screwy for a few days while they're
>configed.  You may want to wait until next week, at the earliest, to
>Hopefully, the current lists, such as FWL, Noexotics, and so on, will 
>get moved over to these.  
>To subscribe:  Send e-mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command:
>subscribe [<addy>] <list>.
>Don't include <addy> if you're subscribing the same addy you're 
>from.  Don't include []'s or <>'s.  
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>The list is also available in digest form (NFC-Digest at actwin_com).
>To subscribe to this list, send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the
>command "subscribe nfc" or "subscribe NFC-Digest" in the body.  To
>unsubscribe, send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command
>"unsubscribe nfc" or "unsubscribe nfc-digest" in the body.  Feel free 
>ask for help!

Robert Rice
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