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NFC: More details on NANFA convention

Here's the latest update on the convention agenda.  All are welcome.  Club
membership is not required.  This is a great opportunity for fish people to
network and talk shop.  Look forward to meeting you there!

North American Native Fishes Association
National Convention * Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
August 6-8, 1999

Tentative Topical Agenda of Speakers, Activities & Workshops
(issued 2/2/99; subject to change)

Illinois & Indiana Species, River Systems, Habitat and Ecology
     Dr. James R. Gammon - Fishes of the Wabash River, Indiana
     Diane Rudin - Fishes of the Mackinaw River, Illinois
     Dr. Larry Page - Fishes of the Middle Fork, Vermillion River, Illinois
     Kevin Cummings - Mussels in Illinois, Their Role in Stream Ecology
     Dr. Brooks Burr - What's Involved in Describing a New Species

Restoration & Reintroduction Efforts
     Diana Rudin - Nature Conservancy Efforts on the Mackinaw River
     Jim Bland, Integrated Lakes Management - The Prairie Crossing,
          Grays Lake, Illinois Project
     Randy Sanders, Ohio Div. of Wildlife - Ohio Stream Fishes 1979-1995,
          Historical Perspective and Future Challenges

Fish Breeding
     Jim Sternburg - Breeding Phoxinus
     Ray Katula - Captive Propagation of Native Fishes (darters, minnows,
          killifishes, sunfishes)
     Ray Wolff - Raising and Breeding Centrarchids, Elassoma & Killifishes
           in Pools
     Jim Page - videotapes of spawning minnows and darters

Developments in Aquarium Technology, Design and Operations
     Morgan Lidster - Algal Turf Scrubbing

Rules, Regulations & Ethics
     Glenn Kruse, Illinois Endangered Species Project Manager

     Fish Photography and Videography (Phil Nixon and Dr. William Roston)
     Fish Identification and the Use of Keys
     Regional Reports by NANFA Members

Visits to Illinois Natural History Survey Collections
     Fishes (Dr. Larry Page)
     Mussels (Kevin Cummings)

Plus the NANFA raffle drawing and auction....and field collecting trips.

Times, schedules, and details regarding price and lodging will be issued
shortly. Watch this mailing list, your snail mailbox, or the NANFA website
-- http://www.nanfa.org