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NFC: Fw: Youth-Corporate Connections Update #8 (Feb. 1999)

Robert Rice
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Subject: Youth-Corporate Connections Update #8 (Feb. 1999)
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Youth-Corporate Connections Update            Number 8          
February 1999


1) Youth Grants Available from National 4-H Council
2) The 4th National Diversity Symposium
3) National 4-H Council Offers New Listserve for Young People
4) The Native Fish Conservancy Needs 4-H Kids!
5) The Do Something Brick Award for Community Leadership
6) Grant Opportunity for Portland, Oregon
7) Michael Jordan Announces Grant Program for Teachers


Fields of Genes Workshop Grants

Fields of Genes: Making Sense of Biotechnology in Agriculture/Train
the Trainer Workshop
Grants of $500 to $2,500 are awarded to teams of youth and adults who
submit a well-developed
plan to conduct "train the trainer" workshops based on the
curriculum, Field of Genes: Making
Sense of Biotechnology in Agriculture.  The "train the trainer"
workshops will introduce adults
and youth to the curriculum and train them to teach the curriculum to
others.  Different funding
levels will be awarded based on the number of workshops planned. 
These funds must be
matched by local resources, and can be the catalyst for securing
those resources.  Youth must be
actively involved in writing the proposal and in program

Application Deadline is March 15, 1999.  The application is available
on the Web at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu (Click on Programs, then Grants)

Literacy Education Grants

This grant program provides community action grants of $500-$3,000 to
stimulate literacy
education nationwide. Grants are awarded to communities in support of
ongoing literacy
education programs or to stimulate new and creative youth-led
programs. Objectives include:
expanding the number of books read per week, increasing participants'
level of reading, utilizing
the library as a resource, and learning about different careers
through reading. Older teens are
encouraged to mentor with younger youth in this program.

Applications Deadline is March 15, 1999.  The application is
available on the Web at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu (Click on Programs, then Grants)

Feeding the Hungry Grants

Hunger haunts all types of American communities, not just the
poorest. But in many
communities, residents are largely unaware of the problem. By
increasing awareness and
involvement, these communities can significantly boost the food
supply for the hungry. Young
people represent an enormous and generally untapped source of energy,
ingenuity and empathy
that can be channeled to address local hunger problems, with great
results. To help communities
mobilize this important resource, National 4-H Council in partnership
with Kraft Foods, Inc. will
offer local grants of $500 to $2,500 to teams promoting youth/adult
involvement in local food
banking, outreach and public awareness efforts. These funds must be
matched by local resources
and can be the catalyst for securing those resources. 

Application Deadline is March 22, 1999.  The application is available
on the Web at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu (Click on Programs, then Grants)

Hosted by The CES National Center for Diversity, Kentucky State

June 3-5, 1999, The Galt House, Louisville, Kentucky

KAIROS - a moment in time bursting with opportunity!

Be part of the energy to--
* Learn tools and skills for addressing diversity issues through
conversation and dialogue;
* Build stronger networks and communities for living and working in a
multicultural world;
* Gain new information on youth leadership and partnerships; and 
* Increase understanding of universal human rights and social


-Nationally recognized speakers and facilitators
-Diversity marketplace and educational exhibits 
-Poster sessions on best practices and research
-Dialogue sessions on topics of your choice
-Resource roundtables for in-depth learning
-Diversity celebration and secret buddy exchange

Growing List of Co-Sponsors: Kentucky State University, Cooperative
Extension Service;
Kentucky Commission on Human Rights; Kentucky Department of
(Multi-cultural Affairs); National Conference for Community and
Justice, Bluegrass Region;
National 4-H Council; S.T.A.R. Program, South Carolina State
University; Toyota Motor
Manufacturing, Inc., Georgetown, KY; U.S. Department of
Families, 4-H, and Nutrition

Early Registration Deadline is May 7, 1999.  For more information,
contact Janice Harris, CES
National Center for Diversity, Kentucky State University,
jharris at gwmail_kysu.edu,


Announcing a NEW listserve for young people! The YouthBoard Listserve
allows young
people who serve organizations and communities as decision-makers
(corporate, non-profit,
school, religious, community, and other youth board members) the
chance to interact with each
other via email.  YouthBoard members can vent frustrations, share
tips and strategies for
working in partnership with adults in decision-making, and find out
more about what's happening
across the nation with the youth in governance movement.
To join the YouthBoard, visit:
and follow the online instructions.

The YouthBoard Listserve is designed to be a safe space for young
people to communicate with
each other.  While adults are welcome to "listen in", certain
guidelines need to be followed by all
YouthBoard members/subscribers in keeping with the purpose of the
listserve.   For more
information, please contact Amy Weisenbach, or sign up for YouthBoard
and "listen in" for a
while.  At the Table also sponsors a general listserve about the
Youth in Governance movement
that adults and youth are welcome to join and participate in.   To
join the At the Table Listserve,
visit http://4hlists.org/scripts/lyris.pl?join=att

For more information,  please contact Amy Weisenbach at
aweisenbach at fourhcouncil_edu or
visit: http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/cyd/oatt.htm)

(Article Submitted by Robert Rice, Native Fish Conservancy)

The Native Fish Conservancy, a non profit organization, is seeking to
partner with 4-H club
members and leaders who are interested in doing Aquatic Science
Programs with a local twist.
The local twist involves keeping local fish in home aquariums for
study or enjoyment and just
plain fun. Collecting and keeping local fish is a great way for 4-H
members to learn about the
needs and inhabitants of the creeks, ponds and lakes around them. 

The NFC is offering 4-H members some unique resources.  First, our
website at
http://nativefish.interspeed.net has hundreds of articles, photos and
links to other native fish sites
plus several email lists to share information with or to get you
started.  We also are setting up a
kids corner web page to allow youth from all across the country to
share their
experiences, ideas and hopes with similar like-minded kids. It will
have games, pictures, a chat
room and a bulletin board, all for free, all for youth.  Second, we
are involved locally in manyv
conservation related projects, from simple ones like setting up fish
tanks of local fish to big
ones, like stream clean up, exotic removal, and collecting parties. 
We invite all 4-H Youth
leaders and members to partner with us on these activities.

Finally, we are offering a discount rate if you'd like to join the
NFC.  Any 4-H Leader or member
can join the NFC and get our cool newsletter, which will have its own
kids section and lots of
interesting news, facts and stuff about native fish. Now the
newsletter is nice, but the main
reason to join is to help our native fish. 

Please contact NFC President Robert Rice for further questions or
project help at
robertrice at juno_com; or write to: Native Fish Conservancy, 1663 Iowa
Ave East, St. Paul,  MN


The Do Something Brick Award for Community Leadership will be awarded
to 10 young
Americans who are successfully building their communities "brick by
brick" and whose work is
structured to have a lasting influence.  The first-place winner will
receive a $100,000 grant;  nine
additional winners will each receive a $10,000 grant.  The awards are
sponsored by Do
Something, a national non-profit group that encourages people in
their 20's to become involved
in community-service projects.  Who may apply:  individuals under the
age of 30.  

For more information, contact:  Do Something, 423 West 55th Street,
Eighth Floor, New York,
New York 10019, (212)  523-1175, E-mail: brick at dosomething_org; Web:


Applications for grants from Nike Inc. for programs serving young
people in north and northeast
Portland, Oregon.  Who may apply:  non-profit groups that provide
youth in north and northeast
Portland with education, mentorship, sports, or vocational programs. 
Applications are available
at the Nike Factory Store at 3044 N.E. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Boulevard in Portland.  Contact: 
Nike, Corporate Contributions, One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon


Retired NBA superstar Michael Jordan has announced the launch of
"Jordan Fundamentals,"
<http://www.nfie.org/jf.htm> a grants program for teachers.  The
program, to be administered by
the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
<http://www.nfie.org>, will provide
support for teachers in public secondary schools that serve
disadvantaged students. A portion of
the proceeds from the sale of JORDAN brand apparel and footwear will
fund the program. 
(JORDAN is a Nike sub-brand.)  Additional funding for the program
will come from fundraisers
and corporate partnerships.

Jordan said he hoped the program would encourage mentor-like
relationships between teachers
and underserved students. "I hope that these grants empower teachers
to do what they do best:
find creative ways to give kids the means and inspiration to succeed
-- in academics,
sports, family, and in their life."

Grants awarded under the program will recognize and support lesson
plans written by teachers
that demonstrate instructional creativity and exemplify high learning
expectations for
underserved students. In its first year, the program will award
$2,500 to each of 400 teachers.
The deadline for the first round of grants, to be awarded in
mid-September, is
May 15. 

(Editor's Note: The next Youth-Corporate Connections Update will be
distributed in
mid-March.  If you have information on publications or programs that
you would
like to submit for this newsletter, please send it by e-mail to David
Carrier at
<carrier at fourhcouncil_edu>.  David can also be reached by fax at

The Youth-Corporate Connections Update includes information on
Environmental Stewardship
and Workforce Preparation as well as other youth issues.  This
newsletter is distributed to
County Extension offices, 4-H Program Leaders, 4-H volunteers, and
other professionals in the
workforce preparation, environmental stewardship and youth
development fields.

Check out the Youth Grants webpage at http://www.fourhcouncil.edu
(click on Programs, then
Grants).  These grants provide opportunities for young people and
adults to take action on issues
critical to their lives, their families, and their communities. 
Youth take the lead in the design of
the project, the proposal writing process, and the implementation and
evaluation of funded
projects.  We will announce on this webpage when applications for
grants are available.

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