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Re: NFC: Novumbra hubbsi

Brian and others interested in obtaining Olympic Mudminnows:

The Olympic Mudminnow was, unfortunately, used as the example species of 
the mudminnow group in Tom Baugh's "A Net Full of Natives" book, 
available from FAMA ($7.95).  Unfortunately, it has the smallest range 
and has protected status as a candidate for state threatened/endangered 
species status in the State of Washington.  As  such, it would be quite 
difficult to get permits to work with this fish.  Also, it is my 
understanding that Scientific Collection Permits issued by the State of 
Washington require the return of Alll fish captured, along with ALL 
their offspring, back to Washington State. In short, even if you could 
get the permits, which would have to have a rock-solid scientific basis, 
not "I saw them in Tom's book and would like some",  you can't retain 
either the fish or their offspring even if you could obtain a SCP to 
work with them.

As a side note, male Central Mudminnows are quite colorful with the blue 
barring  on their flanks, similar to the spawning colors of Olympic 
Mudminnows, although this is not clearly stated in the field guides, 
probably as the blue barring fades at higher temperatures.  In addition, 
both Eastern and Central Mudminnows adapt MUCH better to captivity than 
the Olympic Mudminnow.  Also, Olympic Mudminnows tend to remain shy and 
hide in the vegetation, whereas both the Central Mudminnow and Eastern 
Mudminnow are more willing to utilize the open areas of the tank and 
become much more friendly and interactive than the shy Olympics.  In 
short, I recommend the Central Mudminnow, along with the Eastern 
Mudminnow, as  better alternatives.

PS: obtaining Olympic Mudminnows illegally, either directly 
(self-capture) or indirectly (trading or purchase)  can subject you to 
severe civil and criminal penalties, which can include both significant 
fines and jail time, under both State and Federal law.  It is NOT worth 
that kind of risk.  In addition, the native fish conservation and native 
fish aquarist community doesn't need a perception that native fish 
enthusiasts ignore the law.  The regulatory repercussions of a native 
fish aquarist getting busted for trafficking in threatened/endangered 
species would negatively affect all of us.

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>Dear all,
>Is anyone working with this fish? Or could steer me towards someone who
>might know?

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