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NFC: ONtopic Id question : P

OK Guys,
				Yet another pesky question from the deeeep south.  : P     I have a
shrimp, a ghost/grass shrimp caught about a week and a half ago along with a
large batch of the critters I was foraging for food stuffs for the kids. I
have kept it isolated and watched to see if it's unusual color was the result
of diet. It is transluscent LAVENDER. And it has maintained it's color in
Yes that's right 			a true fairy shrimp, without the pumps and accessories
ofcourse.   Soooo   my question is.....is it an odd color form of the
ghost/grass shrimp or another species altogether. I've caught them before
though they are a bit rare, so this time I figured I'd experiment on the diet
My lame attempt at humor aside,
genuinely curious,