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NFC: Off topic ID request

Hey Folks,
					Today, while working on a landscape job, I came across a very small
snakelike creature I've found only once before. The first time I found this
species, I IDed it, off handedly, as a worm snake. Petersons disagrees with me
and rightfully as they do not even exist this far south. It is jet black,
about 5" long, less than an 1/8th" in diameter, segmented like an earthworm as
best I can see considering I'm BLIND, certainly the worst part of being 42.  :
P     The belly is lighter than the body, though appearently more transluscent
than color. The head is blunt and rounded at the mouth.   The tail is blunt,
though terminates with a point. It was found in extremely dry, loose sandy
soil. Petersons shows a photo of a "worm lizard" but it is pink, not black.
This does look very similar, including the scales on it's head. It also has a
flickering tongue, like a snake. Interesting little character. Ofcourse, the
next question is what does it eat; if I can't feed it, it goes back.
Any ideas?