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NFC: Oscar Data

Some of you might be interested in mid results in the experiment I am

Data so far feed type -vs- weight gain

2 tanks with 4 fish each . with an original average weight of 18 grams and
average length of 5 cm.

Tank 1 to be fed twice daily commercial fish pellets with the following
breakdown				 crude protein - 35%
crude fat - 4%
Crude fibre - 5%
Ash - <= 10%
moisture <= 9%

Tank 2 to be fed twice daily with gut loaded live feeder fish
				start-> feeder guppies
				then -> rosy reds
			   current -> feeder goldfish

All fish bought from the same location and sales tank as an attempt to get
close genetic stock

At 3 month weigh in

Tank 1 fish weighed average of 48 grams with length of 10 cm

Tank 2 fish weighed average of 119 grams and length of 16 cm

Quandary stop experiment and feed Tank 1 live food also or continue for 3
more months.

The One Who Walks Two Paths