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Re: NFC: Proposed NFC Auction list

> Doing my "Bit":
> The following I would like to be made available to an auction that will
> benefit the NFC.  If there is any interest in these, I will go ahead and
> research what the "value" of each item is and try to "price them reasonably"
> Whatdya think?:

Holy Cow!  That's a lot of good stuff!

> 1) TFH "Exotic Trop. Fishes"  supplements nos. 1-24 plus index in original
> plastic wrap and TFH slipcase. Excellent + condition.

Hey, MY supplements don't have plastic wrap :-(  But then, I'm not 
really a collector either.  I got a bunch of pristine copies of "The 
Aquarium" which were plastic wrapped, and I <GASP!> took them 
out and read them!!  I lucked into a first edition of "Mutiny on the 
Bounty" (garage sale, $0.25) and I had to read it too!  Now it's 
carelessly scattered amongst a bunch of other books.  I've seen 
true collectors who would not even dare to open a book for fear of 
hurting its value :-(



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