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Re: NFC: gender identity crisis

The ones that are spawning are the longear sunfish.  But my females are so
stressed they are turning black I have one the refuses to eat anything and just
sits in a corner and does nothing.  He has managed to bully all fish into one
corner of the tank.  I have a pair of golden goramies and a large blue male in
with them and a couple of ozark minnows.

If I am successful in getting the females to go ahead and spawn will a bronze
catfish or a plcossumus bother the eggs.  From what I have read I understand
that the male is extreamly protective of the fry and other fish like to sneak
their eggs in to be guarded but the plcossumus(alge eater) isn't afraid of the
sunfish at all.

Thank you for you help and I think the identity crisis is over they are


Mark Binkley wrote:

> >While you are at it Mark can you give me some pointers on sexing sunfish
> >other than color intensity, particularly where longears are concerned?
> > Klaus
> Uhhh...behavior, territoriality.  Generally, females do not stake out a
> spawning site.  Males do this and females only enter during spawning.
> Subdominant males may behave as females.  Belly girth may help, but only
> when the fish are in spawning condition and not full of food.  In many
> species, the adult male will have a larger head and may have a slight hump,
> whereas the females will have a more sloping head profile.  I'm still
> trying to figure out how to sex my dollar sunnies.  Guess I'll just have to
> spawn them to see who is who.  Kind of like oscars.  Unfortunately, color
> can vary widely from fish to fish across sexes and populations.  What
> species are you working on?
> Mark Binkley
> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
> mbinkley at earthling_net