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Re: NFC: gender identity crisis

>I don't think any of them are old enough to show a
>well defined hump, so that isn't useful.

Look for subtle differences in head and body shape.  Maybe also differences
in the length of the black "ear" flap.

>I have them in a 38 and I am beginning to think the tank is too small
>for them to sort out as a pair without them killing each other.   I do
>have a 150 gallon vat I can put them in.  I could also add a pile of
>gravel at the other end.

I raised a bunch of juveniles in a 20 high and they spawned while all
crowded in there with no special treatment.  The fish matured at a small
size and there was clearly one dominant male who was the first to spawn.  I
moved them all but the big male to a 29 and other males spawned too.  I
think the extreme crowding diffused aggression and allowed spawning in a
community.  There were rocks and plants for cover.  I had the same scenario
in a crowded 70 with cichlids, etc.  A green sunfish fanned a nest in the
front corner and spawned with a female who was in the tank.  Suggest
throwing in a bunch of greens or something you don't mind losing and
letting them bear the brunt of the aggression.  Got any port cichlids?
Those might work too.

>I also have them in with some orangespotted sunnies and compared to the
>longears the OS's are very timid though they are holding their own.
>There is very little aggression between the longers and OS's.

I have observed the same.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net