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NFC: Native Fish Convention 1999!


              Announcing the 1999 NANFA Annual Meeting
     August 5 (evening), 6 (meeting & lunch), 7-8 (collecting)
                    Jumer's Castle Lodge
                  Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Tentative plans include the following activities, all of which are subject to
modification as the agenda is formalized.

1) Talks about native fishes in various NANFA Regions to be given by NANFA
Members to include:
Peter Unmack- Arizona
Jeff Fullerton - Pennsylvania
B.G. Granier - Louisiana
Ray Wolff - Wisconsin
Additional talks will be scheduled.  Contact Elmer Guerri, if you are interested
in making a presentation about native fishes in your region.

2) Spawning habits of darters and minnows - videotape presentation by Larry Page
- Illinois National History Survey.

3) Breeding the Phoxinus by Jim Sternburg - Champaign, Illinois.

4) Captive Propagation of native fishes - darters, minnows, killies, sunfishes
by Ray Katula, Genoa, Wisconsin.

5) Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest - Interesting role of native fishes as
hosts in the life cycle of mussels.

6) Photographing Native Fishes by Phil Nixon - Tolono, Illinois. Attempts will
be made to assemble a panel of NANFA Member native fish photographers and
samples of their work.

7) Nongame fishes identification workshop, including laboratory work and
utilization of identification keys (specifically relating to Illinois species
likely to be
encountered during the collecting trips).

8) Endangered Species and Collecting Regulations in Illinois - Illinois DNR.

Other talks and presentations will be scheduled as they are confirmed. Contact
Elmer Guerri with any request or suggestions.

Banquet and Auction - Friday or Saturday night Auctioneer, Phil Nixon.

Native Fishes Displays - Tanks will be available at the Illinois Natural History
Survey under the auspices of Larry Page and some of his students. Attendees
should contact Elmer Guerri if they intend to bring native fishes for display or

July 7-8 Collecting Trips - Two sites will be visited for field study and
1) The Mackinaw River Region near Bloomington in the Illinois River Watershed.
2) The Middle Fork of the Vermillion River near Oakwood, just west of Danville
in the Wabash River Watershed.
Both locations include a great diversity of Percidae, Cyprinidae, Centrarchidae,
and other game and nongame species.

More information about registration fees and hotel reservations will be
distributed as it becomes available. See the NANFA web page at
http://www.nanfa.org for updates.

The 1999 NANFA Annual Meeting is being organized by Elmer Guerri, 8401 North
Lakewood Place, W. Terre Haute, Indiana 47885, (812) 535-1230, marc1230 at aol_com.
Please direct any inquiries to him.