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Re: NFC: Fairy Shrimp

We have some small populations of fairy shrimp here in San Diego County.  They
are scattered throughout vernal pools in mostly undeveloped areas of northern
section of the county.  Although most of the vernal pools of San Diego have
already been destroyed by development, there are still a few left on Miramar
Marine Corps Air Station, a large military base in the area.  Fairy shrimp can
be observed in vernal pools during the winter rainy season, although
collecting them is illegal, as they are a protected species.  A few members of
the San Diego Tropical Fish Society are maintaining small populations of fairy
shrimp collected from a local vernal pool destined for destruction because of
a new mini-mall.  I observed some recently hatched fairy shrimp, and they
looked very similar to brine shrimp, just somewhat larger.

Tyson Lagillardaie