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NFC: Minnows

When I was a child I lived in West Virginia along the banks of a little river
called the Poca River. I was always catching minnows and small fish as bait
and as aquarium subjects, there was one small minnow like fish that I could
never catch. They were usually alone and swimming at the top out in the middle
of the river in quiet stretches of water. They were very fast, had flowing
fins and Iridescent colors, around 4" long or so. I managed to corner a couple
at one time or another but they would always jump over the net. Most of the
time you would just see them out in the middle at the top swimming fast. I
always thought this was unusual behavior for a small fish, usually small fish
stay in shallow water under cover. Any one want to venture a guess as to what
they were? I've never seen an illustration that matched and never seen one
close up. Their behavior was odd enough that maybe a guess could be made from
that alone.