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Re: NFC: Fairy Shrimp

-> Klaus,

-> Do you know a site where fairy shrimp can be observed - I mean, in the
-> wild, not on the net - well, maybe _in_ the net...?  :)

-> Mark Binkley
-> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
-> mbinkley at earthling_net

Years ago, Hermann Jesse used to show up with fairy shrimp at his fish
store in the early spring.  He tried for years to culture them but never
really succeeded.  I will see if I can reach him to see if he will
divulge some sites.  You might try emailing that guy at the university,
or getting a copy of the papers published in the 40,50 and 60's.

In any case let me know if you find anything and I will do the same for
you.  I know of only one vernal pool in all of Hamilton County and I
have never seen fairy shrimp there.