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Re: NFC: Next auction: hot item!

Suggest auctioning the supplements as a single lot, Martin.  Also 
suggest providing information on minimum bid, retail value of the 
supplements and the price of the basic looseleaf book from Amazon.com 
(to be bought through the NFC link, naturally).

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>> The actually high bidder for this was, in fact, Sajjad, who bid $30 
>> shipping.  Martin will have to let him know how much the shipping 
>>  for this item is so he can remit a check for the full amount.
>Shipping is free, cuz Sajjad's my BUD :-)
>For the next auction, I have many supplements to the looseleaf 
>edition of Exotic Tropical Fishes.  Should I auction these as a lot, 
>or singly?  They are supplements 1-20, plus the index.  Start 
>warming up your checkbooks, guys!  I will probably stipulate a 
>minimum bid on this item.
>Greater American Freshwater Fishes Resource Site (GAFFeRs):  
>"Fie on thee, fellow!  Whence come these fishes?" - Scheherazade
>"Any fish with good teeth is liable to use them." - Wm. T. Innes

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