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Re: NFC: Who gets the CardScan?

Double-checking of submitted bids indicated that Josh bid $50 on the 
CardScan, then withdrew his bid, in the process putting a $30 bid on the 
powerhead - apparently he thought there were 2, not one powerhead (the 
Pro 2 model), as he already had the high bid of $15.  Unfortunately, the 
revised bid got entered on the Card Scanner lot.

The actually high bidder for this was, in fact, Sajjad, who bid $30 plus 
shipping.  Martin will have to let him know how much the shipping cost
 for this item is so he can remit a check for the full amount.

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>OK, who won the bid?  Was it Sajjad or Josh?  Send me your 
>address and reap your reward!
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