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Re: NFC: frozen food

A year and a half ago I discovered freeze dried brine shrimp.  I know it
is a dry food, but I have had incredible luck getting picky eaters to eat
it, from there over to pellet.  Last summer i acquired some Crenecichla
(pike cichlids) from trinidad.  They were wild caught and I couldn't get
them to eat any thing but live food.  The female decied not to eat her
guppies one day so I put the brine shrimp in for thre guppies and she came
out of hiding and ate the brine shrimp with the guppies.  I have used this
stuff to convert oscars that were only being feed live fish and wouldn't
eat anything else over to it and from there to pellets.  I have a school
of 7 needle fish from asia, when I got these fish the LFS told me that
they would only eat live food.  I put them in with my small pike cichlids
and they to started to eat the brine shrimp.  It took them several months
to make the conversion to pellets but they are all on pellets and they are
huge and very healthy.  This past summer just after I moved to a place
that coicedently had softer water they spawned.  I didn't get the eggs in
time and the pike cichlids had a feast.  I have gotten fish straight from
the wild to take this food with in hours of putting them in the tank.  

I have some pygmy sunfish that wouldn't eat anything but live food fall in
love with this stuff.  I have a few darters that I got at the LFS and they
just eat the freeze dried brine as fast as can be.  

My only explination for the love of freeze dried brine shrimp is that the
stuff I get moves like prey as it floats across the surface.  This stuff
works grate for preditory species becasue it is such high in protien.  If
you are feeding it to omnivores they grow at astonishing rates.  I was
feeding to to every one in my large comunity tank and my severums started
out as quater size and with in 3 months were almost 5 inches long.

I buy the San Fancisco Bay Brand Freeze dried brine shrimp.  I haven;t
gotten the same results from wardly's.  they squish the brine shrimp in to
a power then cake it. 


On Fri, 29 Jan 1999 Moontanman at aol_com wrote:

> I have a question I would like to throw out, I have been feeding my fish
> mostly frozen bloodworms with a little bit of live daphnia every other day.
> Some of the fish still don't look like they are getting the nutrition they
> need, color fade, loosing weight even though they eat lots of food. I have
> seen glass worms, brine shrimp, mystis, enriched brineshrimp, krill (really
> too big for my fish, but I would like to try small ones if I could find them)
> all sorts of gelatin stuff. Most of my favorite natives and some tropicals
> won't eat prepared food, and I don't have a reliable source of black worms and
> the daphnia are just too cold to reproduce fast enough to be a regular food
> source. What do all you guys and gals think are the best frozen fish food and
> why?
> Moon

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