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NFC: frozen food

I have a question I would like to throw out, I have been feeding my fish
mostly frozen bloodworms with a little bit of live daphnia every other day.
Some of the fish still don't look like they are getting the nutrition they
need, color fade, loosing weight even though they eat lots of food. I have
seen glass worms, brine shrimp, mystis, enriched brineshrimp, krill (really
too big for my fish, but I would like to try small ones if I could find them)
all sorts of gelatin stuff. Most of my favorite natives and some tropicals
won't eat prepared food, and I don't have a reliable source of black worms and
the daphnia are just too cold to reproduce fast enough to be a regular food
source. What do all you guys and gals think are the best frozen fish food and