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NFC: DarterFest 1999

For anyone who hasn't seen it, here's the DarterFest info -

forwarded from Patrick Ceas

DarterFest 1999
(3rd Annual Meeting of the Darter Study Group)

What is DarterFest?  DarterFest, organized by Bill Voiers & Larry Page two years
ago and hosted by Carol Johnston last year, is an informal gathering of folks
interested in darters.  The objective of the meeting is to get darterologists
together to exchange ideas, particularly in relation to phylogenetic
relationships, behavioral ecology, and biogeography of darters (but we'll talk
about anything darter-related!).

When:   April 2 - 4  (Friday pm - Sunday am)

Where:  Camp Wallace Environmental Education Center (Kentucky Division of Fish &

Cost:   $40/person includes 2 nights lodging, a "light" Friday dinner
etc.), 3 full meals on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast.

We will be staying in large cabins.  Some cabins contain 1 & 2-person bedrooms
while some cabins are dormitory style (i.e., one big room with 10-15 beds).  As
with the previous two meetings, beds will be filled on a first-arrival basis,
except that couples will be allowed to reserve 2-person bedrooms in advance
(please contact Pat Ceas if you require such a bedroom).

        You must provide your own linens, blankets, pillow and towels (hey,
that's why
it is so cheap!).

        Bring your own refreshments.  There is a HUGE walk-in cooler that will
accommodate even our needs.

        Warning: Wayne Co. (and all surrounding KY counties) is dry.  The
liquor stores are in 1) Bowling Green, 2) Richmond (EKU), or 3) Tennessee (but
you can't get there from Camp Wallace!), so please plan accordingly.

Weekend Schedule:
        Friday late afternoon/evening:  Arrival and informal evening discussions
        Saturday morning and afternoon:  Paper presentations
        Saturday evening:  Additional papers (if necessary) and informal video

Who is coming?  We need to have you complete and return the form below to
Patrick Ceas (EKU, Dept. of Biological Sci., Moore 235, Richmond, KY 40475),  by
1 March.   Forms can be sent in per lab (e.g., everyone at Tulane) or per

Please enclose a check ($40/person) made out to Patrick Ceas (trust me!)

        Number of persons requesting vegetarian meals   _____

Presentations:  Talks will be scheduled for 20-30 minutes (including

        A 35-mm slide projector, overhead projector, and VCR & large-screen
TV will be

        If you plan to give a talk, please send your name(s) and the title
to Patrick
Ceas by 15 March (i.e., the same day that ASIH final abstracts are due).  Talks
can be very informal - we just want to hear what you're doing!



Directions to Camp Wallace:  Camp Wallace is about 9 miles NW Monticello, Wayne
Co., KY, nestled on the shore of Lake Cumberland.  From Monticello take KY 92
west to Hwy 789 (ca. 1.5 mi. from the KY 90 "by-pass" around Monticello).
Follow Hwy 789 north - this dead-ends in Camp Wallace (ca. 7.5
mi. from KY 92)..  KY 90 and KY 92 are the two main access roads into Wayne

Hope to see you in April!

Your Hosts:
        Patrick Ceas    Jean Porterfield
        Eastern Kentucky Univ.  Centre College
        bioceas at acs_eku.edu     porterf at centre_edu
        (606) 622-1537  (606) 238-5324