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Re: NFC: Darter Fest 1999 (fwd)

Perhaps some of our colleagues in NANFA can extend some professional 
courtesy to members of the NFC and provide us with the relevant 
information on both the Darter Fest and the upcoming 1999 NANFA 
convention, which have historically been sponsored and/or promoted by 
NANFA.   I am sure that there are a number of NFC members that would 
appreciate knowing about these events and being given the opportunity to 

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>Subject: Darter Fest 1999
>Does anyone have the particulars on the Darter Fest?
>All I have is it's going to be held near Reelfoot Lake
>in western TN during the first weekend of April. 
>For those who have never heard of this debauchery
>before, it's a semi-formal gathering of professors, 
>students, biologists, and hobbyists who present papers on 
>a diverse range of darter topics.  The last day is usually 
>dedicated to a collecting trip. 

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