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NFC: Re: amano

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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 4:30 AM
Subject: NFC: amano

>Is any of our people on the, I think it's the nature aquarium list?


>They are
>promoting a guy called Amano and the planted tanks he designs. Unbelievably
>costly mud, floating plants held down by netting, High tech (read that hi
>priced) support that puts my marine tanks to shame. I think his tanks are
>about as natural looking as Florescent pink gravel with Day-Glo purple

I don't think "natural" is what he's striving for, do you? From your
description of your bog tank I'd say that this idea comes closer to
"natural" (still very interested in seeing the pix of that tank, btw)  :)

>I've been following this and it is really disturbing to see this being
>as the most beautiful planted tanks in the world.

Some people may consider them beautiful, in their own way, just as the tank
you describe sounds beautiful. (to me) :)

> I guess I just had to get
>this off my chest, but why in the world do people follow this man like he
is a

I can't say that people do or don't.  I can say that his design ideas are
very compelling especially to the person who displays their aquaria in a
"Living Room" setting, or perhaps a commercial setting, because they possess
eye-catching visual drama. Natural? No.

To say one design or "look" is the "Be all and end all" is a little
disingenuous. I think what you decide looks good for you is a personal thing
and not something worth flying off the handle about. Thank you for your
opinion and thanks for the opportunity to express mine!!



P.S. Apologies too all  if "flying off the handle" offends.

 I'll go back in my hole now..............