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Re: NFC: amano


Yes, I agree! (Mr. moon tends to fly off at times.......)  I am just as
fascinated with Amanos tank layout and design Ideas as I am by what Moons
ditch tank looks like.  How did they decide what to put where? I feel that
neither of them do this design thing in a random fashion........  Perhaps
it's just that the $ of the equipment clouds peoples minds with regards to
the fundamentals that create such aquascapes.

BTW, I never sure which address to contact you at.....  Should I be
expecting a box of fish and plants this week?  No shipment today!  :(

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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 7:50 AM
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>Takashi Amano has, IMHO, produced some of the most beautiful photo journals
>planted aquaria out there. I however agree his product has more of a
>"designer" type flavor and price tag. The same LFS with the longfinned
>had his product for sale. It was my first chance to "see" the stuff in
>The system is designed to make it as simple as possible for the novice with
>"means", to have aquatic gardens with very little effort in trial and
>Personally I prefer the challenge of experimentation to prepackaged
>performance, but then, I'm a wierdo natureboy with a reputaion for weed
>gardening. As for the aesthetics of his tanks, he makes no pretence to show
>"biotopes", but instead, in the tradition of oriental landscape artists,
>creates living paintings by using the elements of traditional oriental
>landscape painters in the composition of his aquatic gardens. I think the
>spectacular of his tanks are the simple 1,2,or 3 species plant displays
with a
>single species fish load.
>Just my halfcents worth,
> Daryl