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Re: NFC: amano

Takashi Amano has, IMHO, produced some of the most beautiful photo journals of
planted aquaria out there. I however agree his product has more of a high-tech
"designer" type flavor and price tag. The same LFS with the longfinned Oscars
had his product for sale. It was my first chance to "see" the stuff in person.
The system is designed to make it as simple as possible for the novice with
"means", to have aquatic gardens with very little effort in trial and error.
Personally I prefer the challenge of experimentation to prepackaged
performance, but then, I'm a wierdo natureboy with a reputaion for weed
gardening. As for the aesthetics of his tanks, he makes no pretence to show
"biotopes", but instead, in the tradition of oriental landscape artists,
creates living paintings by using the elements of traditional oriental
landscape painters in the composition of his aquatic gardens. I think the most
spectacular of his tanks are the simple 1,2,or 3 species plant displays with a
single species fish load. 
Just my halfcents worth,