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NFC: Neotropical Fishes Book

For the science heads on the list.  Yes, I believe some of the neotropical
fishes would be North American (Mexico?) -

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 15:02:42 -0200 (EDT)
From: Malabarba <malabarba at music_pucrs.br>
Subject: NEW BOOK
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New Book

We are pleased to announce the volume "Phylogeny and Classification of
Neotropical Fishes" edited by L.R. Malabarba, R.E. Reis, R.P. Vari, Z.M.S.
Lucena, and C.A.S. Lucena was printed during December 1998.  The volume
includes many of the contributions presented at the International Symposium
on Phylogeny and Classification of Neotropical Fishes, held in Porto
Alegre, Brazil,  in July 1997. The book consists of 29 chapters dealing
with the systematics, biogeography, and paleontology of most of the groups
of Neotropical freshwater fishes. The first chapters provide overviews of
the geological and paleontological evidence about the origin and evolution
of the diversity of Neotropical fishes (Lundberg et al., Lundberg, M.C.
Malabarba, and Gayet & Meunier). The remaining contributions focus on the
phylogeny and diversity of the major groups of Recent Neotropical fishes.
Overviews are presented for the Characiformes (Vari), Characidae (Weitzman
& Malabarba), Siluriformes (de Pinna), Gymnotiformes (Campos-da-Paz &
Albert), Atherinopsidae (Dyer), Cyprinodontiformes (Costa), and Cichlidae
(Kullander). These papers, to varying degrees, incorporate new phylogenetic
information on the reviewed taxa, sometimes integrating previously reported
and new evidence to develop hypotheses of higher level relationships.
Supplementing the overview papers are a series of contributions addressing
phylogenetic questions ranging from the subgeneric to subordinal level in
the Characiformes (Buckup, Langeani, Weitzman & Menezes, Malabarba, Vari &
Harold, and Lucena & Menezes), Siluriformes (Soares-Porto, Reis,
Montoya-Burgos et al., and Schaefer), Gymnotiformes (Albert & Campos-da-Paz
and Alves-Gomes), Atherinomorpha (Ghedotti), and Perciformes (Farias et al.
and Wimberger et al.). The value of sperm ultrastructure in assessing the
relationships among groups of inseminating characids is demonstrated by
Burns et al., and the utility of cytogenetic markers in providing
information on the phylogenetic relationships among South American fishes
is discussed by Almeida-Toledo.
The volume costs US$ 62.00 or R$ 76,00 (plus US$/R$ 6.00 for surface
shipping or US$/R$ 22,00 for airmail shipping). For orders send email to
edipucrs at music_pucrs.br or write to Edipucrs, Av. Ipiranga 6681, P.O. Box
1429, 90619-900 Porto Alegre, Brazil. http://www.pucrs.br/edipucrs.

Additional information, including the contents of the book are available at

The Editors