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Re: NFC: dwarf salamander

At 07:40 PM 1/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>While collecting this afternoon, I had finished up and was in the proccess of
>removing a few crayfish I kept for food stuffs I noticed a curious creature in
>the pale along with the fish I collected.
>To my surprise, it is a Dwarf Salamander, as IDed from Petersons. It's about
>3" and has gills, brownish with faint spots along it's body in no particular
>pattern. My question is what to feed it. Never caught one in my 42 years, so
>am totaly clueless. yeahyeah   what else is new   : P    thought I'd get the
>digs in first    anyways
>anybody know what to feed the little devil?
>			Daryl
>BTW  speaking of Oscars, I saw the most unusual form of Oscar yet, a Longfin
>Albino Oscar with unruly elongated finage. They were actually surreal and
>kinda interesting. These were in a LFS in N. Miami. Just thought I'd share.  :

I have had a small salamander in my crayfish tank for approx 2 weeks now. I
have no clue what i is eating unless it is eating baby snails. I do feed my
Crayfish Tubifex (black) Worms, but havent for over a week, they  have been
happy with shrimp pellets. The litlle salamander hides behind one of the
sponge filters all the time, and I have never seen it out in the tank.

Hope that may help-
--Christian (Piscator)

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