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NFC: dwarf salamander

While collecting this afternoon, I had finished up and was in the proccess of
removing a few crayfish I kept for food stuffs I noticed a curious creature in
the pale along with the fish I collected.
To my surprise, it is a Dwarf Salamander, as IDed from Petersons. It's about
3" and has gills, brownish with faint spots along it's body in no particular
pattern. My question is what to feed it. Never caught one in my 42 years, so
am totaly clueless. yeahyeah   what else is new   : P    thought I'd get the
digs in first    anyways
anybody know what to feed the little devil?
BTW  speaking of Oscars, I saw the most unusual form of Oscar yet, a Longfin
Albino Oscar with unruly elongated finage. They were actually surreal and
kinda interesting. These were in a LFS in N. Miami. Just thought I'd share.  :