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NFC: Re: Tule Perch - Request for Assistance

>Bill Duzen, NFC Breeder's Program Administrator (Theduuz at aol_com), is
>looking to find a source of Tule Perch (Hysterocarpus traski) , a native
>fish found in California that is the only freshwater representative of
>the mostly marine surfperch family.
>California regulations require that all collection of native fish for
>aquarium purposes be done under special permits.  Anyone interested in
>assisting the NFC in obtaining these unique fish for its Breeder's
>Program, please contact Dwight D. Moody, NFC Secretary/Treasurer
>(dwightmoody at hotmail_com),  for assistance in obtaining a Scientific
>Collection Permit.

Several years ago, I visited the public aquarium in San Francisco.  At that
time some members of the staff were considering collecting these fish for
study.  I can't give you any futher information but perhaps someone in the
bay area vcould be of assistance.

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