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NFC: Tule Perch - Request for Assistance

Bill Duzen, NFC Breeder's Program Administrator (Theduuz at aol_com), is 
looking to find a source of Tule Perch (Hysterocarpus traski) , a native 
fish found in California that is the only freshwater representative of 
the mostly marine surfperch family.  It is also a rather interesting 
livebearer which only attains a length of 5 3/4 inch.  It can be found 
in the following waterways, according to Peterson's Field Guide to the 
Freshwater Fishes: Clear Lake, Russian, Sacramento-San Joaquin and 
Pajaro-Salinas River drainages.  It is common in the northern regions 
and severely decimated in the San Joaquin River and the Pajaro-Salinas 
River drainage.

California regulations require that all collection of native fish for 
aquarium purposes be done under special permits.  Anyone interested in 
assisting the NFC in obtaining these unique fish for its Breeder's 
Program, please contact Dwight D. Moody, NFC Secretary/Treasurer 
(dwightmoody at hotmail_com),  for assistance in obtaining a Scientific 
Collection Permit.

Dwight D. Moody, Secretary/Treasurer
Native Fish Conservancy, Inc.
PO Box 226
East Montpelier VT  05651-0226

Telephone: 802-476-0685 (home), 802-241-3482 (work)

Personal mail address:      P.O. Box 214
                                        East Montpelier VT  05651-0214

Fish shipment delivery address: 

                          12 Wellington Street
                          Barre VT  05641

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