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NFC: small observation

Yesterday I let my son, who wanted to buy me a fish for my birthday, talk me
into buying some white clouds. I like them and they work in the swamp tank by
being small. I also picked up a pleco of some small unidentified species
because of all the algae wars going on in the newly set up tank and the snails
inability too keep up with them. there are two blue spotted sunfish I have
wanted to remove from the tank because they are eating the Heterandria formosa
babies and because I put them there as a last minute thoughtless act and now
they had become a nuisance. The sunfish had continued to defy my efforts to
catch them and had started nesting so I had quite bothering them so I could
maybe get a few fry from them. The small Pleco disrupted their breeding
completely, within minutes he had destroyed the nest and run both the sun fish
away. Just a small scale observation of what aliens can do.