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Re: NFC: Mysid Shrimp

 I agree with all that wholeheartedly, many many darters will eat mysis
in the frozen state and thrive.... now if I could only find some living
ones like Christian did in the Rappahanock River that would be great.  

You have tp buy a rather large portion of mysis from them ,I have their
cost schedule at home, but if you can get some of your fellow aquarists
to split a shipment then it isn't too bad.


-> This is a very good source for the frozen shrimp.  The people who 
-> operate the business are very cooperative. 

-> The shrimp are expensive, but I also use them to feed my freshwater 
-> natives on occassion especially to entice a stubborn eater.  Once 
-> they eat the mysids, I switch them to a less expensive food.

-> Dave
-> Moon > here is a source for mysid s