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Re: NFC: Mysid Shrimp

This is a very good source for the frozen shrimp.  The people who operate the
business are very cooperative.  I use the shrimp to feed my seahorses,
Hippocampus erectus and pipefish, Syngnathus fuscus.  Traditionally, H.
erectus is a finicky eater, but they love the shrimp.  When I go up to the
tank first thing in the morning, they rush to the corner where I feed them.

The shrimp are expensive, but I also use them to feed my freshwater natives
on occassion especially to entice a stubborn eater.  Once they eat the
mysids, I switch them to a less expensive food.


Segeberger wrote:

> -> Sounds like something I would like to have, if you find a source let
> -> me know.
> ->                                                                   Moon
> here is a source for mysid shrimp, www.mysis.com
> Klaus