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NFC: swamp tank

Since my key board died I was unable to give the last update on the swamp
tank. As usual things are not working out quite the way I planned. I had to
add fish way ahead of schedule but everything else is running fine. I have
added a cape fear river spadderdock rhizome, a pickerel plant, dwarf umbrella
palm and some orchids that may or may not be alive after the great freeze. The
orchids are at the back of the tank on top of the rocks that jut out of the
water with their roots dangling in the water, the spadderdock rhizome has
already sent out four big leaves and the pickerel plant has two leaves above
the water with a third making it's way up through the water. So far the
cypress trees have remained dormant, I may have to replace them if they turn
out to totally dormant. The hard clay bits I am using for sand are working out
well. if you stir them they will give off some mud but it settles quickly. The
tank is taking shape but I expect at least 6 months before it has finally
stabilized. I will have some photos soon and I'll need some help putting them
on the website. Later on.