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Re: NFC: Winter Blues

After being without reliable transportation and the final death gasp of my 90
Toyota at about 187,000 miles, I've bought a new truck and have been playing
catch up this week. Orders still backlogged will finally be going out next
week. Collecting has gotten a bit tricky even here in the deep south with
populations moving further out into the waters in the smaller floating vegi
mats. The fish have also moved deeper and are not in thier usual places like
lurking in the Vall forests. But all in all, it's still a productive venture
no matter where I go. Last weekend, I met with Bruce Hahn from DC and spent
Sunday meandering our way up from Ft. Meyers to Tampa collecting as we went
for the National Aquarium in DC's Commerce Building. Had a great time and got
a few nice species including Elassoma and Bluespotted sunnies and even the
rare males of the freshwater Sailfin Mollies. Only caught one exotic.   : )
He had on the previous day gone out on his own and found a Hognose Snake,
which to my delight left with me.  : )  Had one when I was a kid, my favorite
little snake here after the Ringneck. It spreads it's neck much like a cobra
and hisses when frightened and if really frightened rolls over, stiffens and
plays dead; if you roll it over topside, it immediately rolls back over to
continue the charade. Absolutely delightful fun. This coming week will be
spent collecting natives for a private sale and the balance of the 150+
exotics for the ERP wholesale lot of last week.
Well, I think I've babbled enough for now, what's everybody else been up to.