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Re: Fwd: NFC: First 1999 NFC Online Auction Items - 2nd Update

Nope. I think your bids showed up on my email account after I posted the 
update, as I have you down on my notebook as bidding $20 for the worms.  
I am updating the bids as I receive them in the notebook, but I don't 
think I received your updated bids prior to issuing the second update.  
They have been received and duly recorded, however.

I do note, however, that at present there are two $25 bids and four $20 
bids, including yours, for the four packages of worms.  Bids are not 
selectively accepted and no insider deals are allowed: highest bidder(s) 
get the products.  In the case of the worms, it will be the four highest 
bidders who are successful. As four bidders, including you,  are tied at 
$20, you might want to consider revising your bid a bit  to ensure that 
you are one of the four top bidders.  Considering that other vendors are 
selling 2 lb (2000 worm) packages of redworms for $40 plus shipping, or 
more, the current bids are quite a good bargain, especially if you are 
going to use them for composting vegetable and other non-meat kitchen 
scraps, which will also help save money on solid waste disposal fees. 

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