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NFC: Mini swamp

My mini swamp has been fully set up a week now, a 15 gallon aquarium with
glass back and sides to allow me to set up rock work above the water level. No
filtration, and 175 watt Metal halide pendant light. Things are cooking! you
can almost see the plants grow. One of the emergent plants has broken the
surface and more are following day to day. I have a simple bubble opening to
provide some circulation. the explosive growth of the plants is a little hard
to believe. The tank contains ricca, azolla, purple arrowheads, salvania, cape
fear spadderdock and some plants I collected from the swamp that I don't know
what they are, I would guess liverwort or creeping fern. I still haven found a
source of water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) but I do have a mangrove. My ghost
shrimp are "in berry" the eggs look bright green. I set it up with rocks from
a mountain stream in W.Va. the sand was cleaned and sieved from clay mud from
the same stream and consists of rounded bits of hard clay, mica, sand stone
(many different colors and types) slate and few grains of quartz. I have
pictures I'll be sending soon. Who should I send them to so they will be
available on the perspective web sites of NANFA and the NFC. It looks like a
great Idea so far, as the man passed the 30th floor after jumping off the
building said. It's a 15 gallon aquarium so the fish load will be limited to
small fish. I may break down and put in some tropicals soon. but we'll have to
see. So far the fish are several Heterandria formosa, swamp darters,
flounders, shrimp, dwarf crayfish, and a very small eel. Let me know where to
send the PICS, you guys have to see this as it grows and develops. Oh, one
more thing a very tiny mud turtle just a little bit bigger than a nickel.