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Re: NFC: A fish addict, Bill Flowers

Mark Binkley wrote:

> At 09:11 PM 1/13/99 -0600, you wrote:
> >     Well I received the Flier today. I am in Indiana. The articles
> are
> >great and I liked the colored paper better than the standard white.
> >    The 10 gallon tank of natives in the boy's 6th grade class is
> doing
> >well. No fish have died, but the Gambusia haven't had any babies
> either.
> >Found out that the water is around 67 degrees F.  Going to put a
> heater
> >in the tank and raise the temperature to 72-74 degrees. This should
> get
> >them to breed. The darters will probably start to color up a little
> >better also. They are orange throats.  Well that is about all for now
> >hope to get my fishroom done soon. Then back to breeding.
> Actually, not to rain on your parade, but raising the temp is not
> likely to
> bring the orangethroats into color.  Probably the opposite.  Just keep
> them
> where they get natural light and don't get too warm, and by spring,
> they
> should start to color up.  Of course, you would likely have to
> postpone the
> Gambusia breeding in that case, though those things probably would
> breed any
> time and provide nice little fry for the darters to enjoy.
> Mark Binkley
> mbinkley at earthling_net          <))><
> Columbus Ohio USA

   You are probably right. This will give the kids a chance to see what
changes will happen when the temperature is raised. It will be a good
learning experience either way. The teachers is allready impressed at
how hardy these fish are and how quick the plants(Java moss & Najas) can