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Actually it is the genus name for members of the pike family, which are 
listed below by common name, scientific name and adult size (in inches):

Grass Pickerel: Esox americanus vermiculatus (15")

Redfin Pickerel: Esox americanus americanus (15")

Chain Pickerel : Esox niger (39")

Northern Pike: Esox lucius (53")

Muskellunge: Esox masquinongy (72")

As one can see, only the grass and redfin pickerel are suitably sized 
for keeping in reasonably sized aquaria if they are to be kept until 
they reach adult size.  Adult grass or redfin pickerel need at least a 
55 gallon tank, preferably larger.  Northern pike and muskellunge, and 
perhaps chain pickerel, should not be considered for home aquaria due to 
size considerations.  Also, as gamefish, they probably require special 
permits to keep in captivity.

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> Extra Slimy Olive Xiphophorus  
> i.e. Green Swordtails
>  >>
>Uh, thanks.  ;-)   Anyone else have any idea what the definition of 
ESOX is?

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