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NFC: Re: E Auction

Opening bids by D. Moody:

Redworms: $15 for one of the four 2# packages

1/2 day collecting by RR: $50

PS: Don't forget all the donated fish food in your garage.

ALSO: Robert - you might want to append the message below to followup 
posts on the auction.

1. Auction purchases are not considered tax-deductible if the recipient 
gets a product equal or greater in value than street price of the 
product. In cases where the purchase price exceeds the street value, the 
amount OVER the retail price can be considered a donation for tax 

2. Donations are still needed for the Credit Card Project, which will 
allow the NFC to do Net e-commerce by credit cards.  So far, $125 has 
been pledged and we need $600 - every little bit helps.  Donations will 
be placed in a special NFC Special Projects savings account until we 
have enough money to purchase the needed services and equipment.  Please 
write "Credit Card Project" on the check in the memo area or on an 
accompanying note.  If the donation is for another special project or 
purpose, please indicate this. Additional donations can be made for 
specific special projects, such as land purchase, environmental 
education projects in schools, etc.   ALL donations to the NFC Special 
Projects Fund are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.   Please send 
all donations for special projects to:

Native Fish Conservancy, Inc.
Special Projects Fund
PO Box 226
East Montpelier VT  05651-0226

The NFC is a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of 
Vermont and is also a Federally recognized tax-exempt organization under 
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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>NFC E auction is coming up this weekend. Would someone like to handel 
>eauction this weekend ? I'll be out the country for a couple o weeks 
>would like to get the auction started befor I go. This auctions 
>will all go to the website upgrades. If youd like to donate any items
>drop me a note.
>items so far
>2 pound pkgs of red worms delivered (4 of them) retail 28$ each
>Computer Scanner unused ..details forthcoming retail 200$
>1/2 day of My collecting time this spring  typically 50 fishes or 
>Robert Rice
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