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Please reply to tony and the list

Robert Rice
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From: Tony <z966349 at niu_edu>
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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 01:47:11 -0700
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I just happened to stumble across the NFC web site, and what a
coincidence it was. After 7 years of not being able to keep an aquarium
(it's impossible to do when you live in a Marine Corps barracks), I have
finally just obtained a new tank. It's a 37 tall, and I've been kicking
around the idea of waiting until spring to collect some natives. Problem
is, after 7 years my impatience is at its peak!
Being the large fan of ESOX species that I am, your postings on the NFC
bulletin board caught my attention right away. I saw your postings for
fish orders, and was wondering (if you still do so) when you will most
likely have small red-fin pickerel available. I expect it won't be until 
the March/April period. I expect they would ultimately outgrow the tank.
Fortunately, there is a sizable pond owned by the apartment complex
where I now live for the tenants to stock and fish. It currently has
everything from assorted sunfish to muskies!

If you have some spare time, I would appreciate you answering any of the
following questions in addition to the one about pickerel availability:

1. What are the best aquarium conditions to maintain for ESOX species?
2. Are you aware of anybody that can supply me with grass or chain
3. How active is the NFC currently, and if you know; especially in the
Northern Illinois region?

I am very interested in joining the NFC. I would like to hear any
"inside info" you have about it. Thank you for your time.

Tony Gustafson