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Re: NFC: More thoughts on awareness


Two totally different topics...it's like comparing apples and rocks.  It
has been shown in the past that proper eduction to make people aware of
environmental issues has paid off...let the public know and they will be
happy to go out and hug them trees.

  In the case of sex education in public schools it becomes simply a
matter of letting the kids know how enjoyable the subject is and by making
'taboos' they want to break. Make the kids aware and they'll be happy to
go out and hug each other.

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> OK, here's another random thought (Stick around, folks, I've got a 
> million of 'em!").  We think education is the key to preventing the 
> type of disaster that paranoid minds might envision.  Do you 
> suppose that teenage (unmarried) pregnancy rates have gone up or 
> down as a result of widespread sex education in schools?
> Prost,
> Martin
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