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NFC: Commercialization...

I think the trick as an organization is to try an balance the need for
commercialism with the need for conservation. As Mr. Binkley pointed out
so well recreational collectors are a side issue and non money producing
resource drain in the eyes of most agencies. To make yourselves
worthwhile to those agencies  you should embrace responsible collecting
legislation, embrace conservation , and attempt to do some good solid
public education within your sphere of influence...

The NFC like any conservation org needs $$$ to do anything substantive so
we will always  be commercial in one form or another.

As for the sales o fish/ bad collectors etc...one of the things I do is
never put locations in my writings, I also attempt to breed domestically
as much as I can and encourage others to do the same. What we must do is
balance the need to for public education with conservation ethics. To do
that we must be willing to live by and follow  those ethics.......Not
just write about em or preach about em..

Robert Rice
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