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NFC: aquarium, natives

The impact of collecting on a population of fish depends on several things,
some of which would be, age at breeding, size of the population, habitat size,
ease of access, just to name a few. My thoughts on this go as follows, first a
fish collectors stamp, both commercial and hobbyist, be add to a regular
fishing licensee. On most fish a size restriction allowing the collection of
fish only below a certain limit. That way the larger breeders are not removed
from the population. Also some incentives for the breeders of these fish might
be looked at (low interest loans etc.) simply because some species will hard
to catch even when they are abundant due to their habitat being inaccessible.
Maybe season availability would be necessary for fish that breed during a
short time of the year. I think native fish are one of the directions our
hobby is headed, I would like to see the NANFA and NFC have an input into the