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NFC: Prices from the web

Looks like our natives are becoming popular...this price list came from
the web.....makes the fishwish list look like a steal....


Native Aquarium Game Fish 
Esocidae at 2 to 3 
Specie Price Availability 
Northern Pike $15.00 all year 
Tiger Muskie $15.00 all year 
Spotted Muskie $15.00 all year 
Barred Muskie $15.00 all year 
Centrachidae at 2 to 4 
Specie Price Availability 
Large Mouth Bass $10.00 all year 
Small Mouth Bass $10.00 all year 
Crappie $10.00 all year 
Blue Gill $10.00 all year 
Orangespot Sunfish $10.00 6/15 through 7/15 
Percidae at 2 to 4 
Specie Price Availability 
Walleye $10.00 all year 
Yellow Perch $10.00 all year 
Yellow Bullhead $5.00 all year 

Robert Rice
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