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Re: NFC: Algae control

MM wrote:

>  BBA is a pain and I had it really, really, bad in my 90g plant
>>show tanks.  Got a rubber nose plec* who did a nice job (until he died)

Brian wrote:

>At what temps. were you keeping you 90 g tanks when you had the plecos?
>Although my first choice would be to use a native Algae-eater, I was reading
>in Baensch that the common Otocinclus fish are good down to 68 F or so.  Has
>anyone have any luck with keeping them on the cold side? Are they good for
>BBA, etc.?  I think I may get some and try to acclimate them in, I'll let
>you know how it comes out.  Does anyone have a line on the so-called "amano"

The 90g is set at 75 deg. F.  BTW, there is an urban legand that says
writting out the word plec* is a sure way to have yours die - just thought
that I would pass this info on.  Back to reality though.  Plec*s do not do
very well below 60 - read an post the other day that this persons tank fell
below 58 deg. and the plec*s died.  The Amano shrimp - got a few and they
do a great job.  That is if your fish do not get to them first. ;-)


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