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NFC: Nature aquarium list

Has any one been following this nature aquarium list? It's a company, but they
try to seem like just a list. they are selling all kinds of high priced stuff,
mostly their brand of substrate or the fixin's to make it. All kinds of
technobabble, they seem to be determined to make a simple plant tank look like
SPS coral farm used to seem. It's shameless. I've been keeping fish and
growing plants for 35 years and building sand with a little bit of
construction site type clay mixed in the first 1/4" of 2" of sand will grow
anything. It's the pretending to be a class room type site that really has me
bouncing up and down. All it is shameless self promotion of all kinds of trace
elements laden substrate. Very expensive, sorry to go off on a rant but it's
just not right.