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Re: NFC: farm ponds (fwd)

What kind of sunfish?  
Why fathead minnows?
2/3 rd acre pond

This pond is a bit small to produce huge bass, or numbers of big bass,
but could sustain a very small group of say 6 bass that may get a
resonably big size.
  First you need plenty of cover.  next you need a good number of
different species of "forage fish".  try (local species of course) a
couple types of killifish, atleast  three speies of sunfish, not bluegill
though, as they get big in there own right.  Fat head minnows are easily
"run down" to the very last minnow by bass.  It would be better to catch
a variety of local still water minnows and introduce them to your pond. 
You may want a large predator too. one bowfin, gar , or pike will do the
trick of eliminating larger sunfish that bass won't eat.  don't forget
bullheads.  Bass love to eat baby bullheads, beleive it or not.  this a
great mid summer food source, when it is too hot for other fish to be
producing young. 
   with more specifics I could point you in a better direction .
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